Accounting and Tax Department

The Accounting and Tax Department performs all the necessary routines for the correct compliance with the Accounting and Tax Standards. The main activities are:

  • Bookkeeping;
  • Reports: Management, Accounting and Tax;
  • Income Tax Return and another declarations to the Federal Revenue Service;
  • SPEDs obligations;
  • Bookkeeping of tax documents;
  • EFD Contributions obligations;
  • Other obligations, such as monthly and annual GIA and SINTEGRA;
  • Calculation and preparation of taxes like IRPJ, CSLL, IPI, PIS, COFINS, ICMS and ISS;
  • Tax consultancy and advisory services in the analysis of operations and their tax details;
  • Attendance to inspections to regularize and/or avoid infraction notices;
  • Tax Refund and Compensation Processes.