About Guaporé Office

Guaporé Office started its activities in 1986, with Accounting, Transit Forwarding Agent and Commercial Representations, and before long the growing demand for services in the accounting area made the company to dedicate itself only to this area. Today, accounting is complemented by Business Advisory Services, Tax Planning and Consulting, Expertise Services, International Accounting, Rural Accounting, Corporate Reorganizations (like creation of Holdings), Litigation Management (Administrative Defenses), among others.

The growth of the Office throughout its trajectory has generated a need for staff and adequate physical space, and to answer this demand, Guaporé has turned the project for its own headquarters into a reality. The building has more than 1,675yd2, custom-designed for its activities, and structured to comfortably accommodate around 80 employees, with an auditorium and video-conference rooms, serving its clients both in person and remotely, including from other countries, with a special team for reporting in English.

Guaporé Office’s main characteristic is the provision of technically qualified services, with a team of trained employees to provide services with safety and quality. We believe in the constant improvement of our team, and, for that, we encourage and enable continuous qualification and updating courses to be carried out, in order to face the constant new demands that the accounting sector presents. The company’s board of directors is composed of partners with multidisciplinary knowledge in Accounting, Tax, Commercial/Business, Costs, Corporate, Business, Information Technology, Labor/Social Security and Tax Legislation.

Working with modern operational management software and a proprietary technology structure are Guaporé Office’s differentials. This structure guarantees clients total transparency, especially through the Office’s Electronic Portal, integrated with Kontu, an accounting company’s own management system, using information that is handled in a “two-way street”, without the need for rework and with greater security, returning the processed and analyzed information to the customer. The portal also provides various legal and tax guidelines in a restricted area, management analysis, and other tools, accessible by computer, tablet or cell phone.

The service to our customers includes meetings for management and tax analysis of data, prepared according to the company’s needs. The customer base is made up, in particular, of large companies in the fields of Commerce, Civil Construction, Rural Activity, Industries and Service Provision, as well as service to dealer networks (automotive, tires, agricultural machinery, beverages, collective transport urban) and distribution networks of various sectors, as well as companies linked to energy production (and maintenance of networks) that are served in RS and other states of the Federation. Each customer has a responsible person for the relationship in each area and an external service manager, who will accompany your company on a daily basis, facilitating the exchange of information, communication between our employees and giving personality to the partnership relationship.


To be recognized as a reference company in quality, innovation and integrated services for the management of its customers.


Provide qualified accounting and legal services, information and solutions, assisting in the management of organizations.


Credibility, Ethics and Transparency.

Quality policy

– Continuous improvement of services provided

– Productive and efficient processes

– The development and continuous training of employees

– Be a quality reference and strengthen our brand in the market

– Meet the applicable legal requirements